Anuj Brave, Summer Student

Anuj is a student registered with the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. He obtained his B.A. LLB (H) Degree from Christ University, Bengaluru India in 2013.

He has had the opportunity to work as an in-house Legal Counsel for various Fortune 500 Companies specializing in Information Technology, Cloud Computing, AI, Robotics Process Automation, Contract Lifecycle Management and Patent Lifecycle Management. He has extensive experience in vetting, red-lining, drafting and negotiating large Commercial Contracts, Service Agreements (Platform as a Service [PaaS], Software as a Service [SaaS]), RFI’s and RFP’s. Anuj is fluent in English and Hindi.

In his spare time, Anuj enjoys playing the Ukulele, swimming, travelling, reading and researching on International political relations.

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