What is a Commercial Lease Agreement?

Are you entering into a commercial lease agreement and need legal advice? You’ve come to the right place. We provide legal guidance and expertise when it comes to commercial lease agreements and are here to help you wade through your questions. To get you started, here is an introduction. First, a commercial lease is a [...]


Role of a Real Estate lawyer while purchasing or selling a residential property In Alberta

We are often asked “What is a role of a lawyer while buying a home?” or "Do we need a real estate lawyer for completing the closing of our sale?" The first thing to know is that these are great questions. Why? Because this shows that the buyer or seller is aware that lawyers are [...]


Understanding Shareholder agreements: when you need it, benefits and beyond

If you have an incorporated business, it is imperative to consider which agreements you need in place for your particular business to protect yourself if other shareholder’s want to exit the business. Let’s first understand what a Shareholder agreement is. Shareholder agreement A shareholder agreement is between individuals who hold shares for the same corporation. [...]


Incorporating a company without using services of an experienced Edmonton corporate lawyer?

You’ve dreamt of owning your own business. You’ve found the perfect product or service to launch your dream. All your hard work and planning is about to pay off. You’ve done your homework and have decided to choose a Corporation as your form of business structure – especially as you’ve already researched and know that [...]


COVID-19 Update: New Remote Signing for Real Estate Legal Documents

As each of us face different challenges due to COVID-19, we are reminded daily of how grateful we are to have each other, our families, our loved ones, our friends and colleagues - and while many of us are physically apart - we are united closer than ever with a common purpose to do [...]


COVID-19 Update: Our Commitment to Client Safety

To Our Valued Clients, With the growing concerns around COVID-19 (coronavirus) and its impact on our local community and businesses, I would like to personally take a moment to thank all of those in the health industry, the government and to everyone doing their part in keeping Canadian's as safe as possible. At Juriscorp Law, [...]


Journey From Franchisee to Future Independent Business Owner

Franchising is not only a great opportunity to operating an already established turn-key business, it can also be an excellent stepping-stone to owning your very own business in the future. An established franchise brand gives you an opportunity of having their ‘know-how’ from the get-go. Whether it’s a landscaping venture or a food retail franchise, [...]


Valuable Details Can Be Found in Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD)

While it’s an exciting time to buy a franchise business, due diligence is key! Did you know that when buying a franchise in Alberta, the Franchisor is required to provide the potential Franchisee with certain disclosure about the business? The Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) will assist you in making an informed decision on buying into [...]


Juriscorp Law proudly sponsors CHBA’s 2019 Annual General Meeting for the Edmonton Region

Juriscorp Law is proud to be the exclusive sponsor for Canadian Home Builders' Association's 2019 Annual General Meeting for the Edmonton Region. "We're proud to support Edmonton's growing home building industry and appreciate the value CHBA brings to Edmonton businesses and business owners," says Shounak Mehta, Principal Lawyer of Juriscorp Law. "One of our [...]


Franchising Your Business – How a Franchise Lawyer Can Help

You have spent years building your business. Finding the right people. The right talent. The right quality. The perfect taste. And now you’re ready to expand. You’ve decided to Franchise! For many business owners, franchising their successful business is the ultimate vision of their carefully crafted business plan. And, just as having the right [...]

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