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Separation or divorce can be a painful time for you, your children, and your family. Having the right legal guidance by your side can reduce the stress that comes along with the breakdown of a relationship. 

Our one of Edmonton’s best family lawyers, our goal is to simplify the legal processes and provide personalized solutions while ensuring minimum damage to your family. 

We listen to you and believe in informing and empowering you to be the decision-maker. Whether it is negotiating a mediated settlement or advocating for you in Court, we are skilled in utilizing diverse options to secure your interests.

Our Edmonton Family Law Lawyers Provide These Services:

  • Independent legal advice
  • Prenuptial and cohabitation agreements
  • Separation agreements
  • Child and spousal support issues
  • Child decision-making and parenting issues
  • Married and unmarried property division
  • Divorce

Family Law Related FAQs

Even a single act of adultery is a sufficient basis on which to bring a divorce action. And technically speaking, as long as the adultery was committed by one of the spouses, the other spouse has legal grounds under the Divorce Act to proceed with a petition. As such adultery is not punishable but is a ground to file for a divorce petition.

When the spouse and common-in-law partner decide to get separated, it is best for the to stay apart for their own mental peace and in case of children are involved than for them to give them a safe and peaceful environment. It is best for the two to decide mutually and amicably to decide who gets to stay in the house and who will move out of the house.

Yes, you can write your own separation agreement, but it is a good idea to involve a lawyer to make your separation agreement as a lawyer is the best person to give you legal advice on your rights and responsibilities towards your children. Lawyers guide you through the agreement about how the property can be separated, how to support your children etc.

1. Don’t leave the house before you two decide who gets to keep it.
2. Don’t pay more than what your share is for any of the expenses that may incur during the separation. For example, house mortgage, utilities, etc.

No, when both spouses decide to separate mutually then you don’t have to support your spouse financially by adding the same in the separation agreement. In the case of children, the family situation may have changed but you are still parents, and your children still need your love and support. Your children have a legal right to financial support from both parents and you both have a legal responsibility to provide this support.

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