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Commercial Real Estate Legal Services in Edmonton


Sale and purchase of commercial property

We ensure smooth transaction while addressing the unique challenges and compliance requirements of commercial real estate dealings.

Construction financing

We focus on ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and contractual agreements, making your construction financing journey straightforward and legally secure.

Joint ventures, limited partnerships and syndications

We create robust legal frameworks that protect interests, optimize tax positions, and ensure regulatory compliance, a solid foundation for successful real estate collaborations.

Land development

Let's help you with zoning laws, regulatory approvals, and environmental considerations, ensuring your project progresses smoothly from initial concept to final completion.

Major dispositions and acquisitions of all types

Whether you're acquiring new assets or divesting properties, every deal is executed efficiently, legally sound, and aligned with your objectives.

Commercial financing for lenders & borrowers

Our team brings a balanced perspective to each transaction, ensuring legal precision, risk mitigation, and strategic alignment for all parties involved, whether you're securing funding or providing it.

Major land developments and assistance

We provide legal assistance for major land developments in Edmonton, guiding clients through the process of planning, approvals, and execution.

Issues related to condominium corporations

Our team handles a range of matters from governance and compliance to dispute resolution in condo communities.

Landlord and tenant matters and commercial lease negotiations

Our team is dedicated to resolving disputes, drafting clear contracts, and negotiating terms that protect the interests of both landlords and tenants.
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Real Estate Transactions


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Virtual Signing of Property Transaction Documents

Juriscorp Law in Edmonton offers Virtual Signing for commercial property transaction documents. This service addresses the need for time-efficient and accessible document handling, eliminating the hassle of physical presence for signings.

Our team ensures this process is not only convenient but also fully compliant with legal standards, providing peace of mind for clients navigating the complexities of commercial real estate transactions from a distance.

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Why choose our lawyers for commercial property issues?

Our Edmonton commercial real estate lawyers will take matters into their hands, handling your legal while allowing you enough time to focus on your business as usual.

Get Peace of Mind

We understand how stressful legal issues related to commercial properties can be. Let us take that stress off your shoulders with professional and sound legal advice.

We work with all types of clients

We work with clients in all stages of the commercial real estate cycle and understand that there are a variety of stakeholders involved.
About Us

Take the stress of commercial property issues

As your Edmonton commercial real estate lawyers, we will work you through all the steps involved in solving your real estate matters so you clearly understand our process.

Get Free Initial Consultation

We offer a complimentary first consultation to review your case free of charge.

Focus on your Business

We understand you're busy and getting sound legal advice can be hard. Let us take the stress out of your property issues so you can get back to focussing on your business.
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