Incorporating a company without using services of an experienced Edmonton corporate lawyer?

You’ve dreamt of owning your own business. You’ve found the perfect product or service to launch your dream. All your hard work and planning is about to pay off. You’ve done your homework and have decided to choose a Corporation as your form of business structure – especially as you’ve already researched and know that running your business in Alberta as an incorporation offers many benefits.

The next question you might ask yourself is should you incorporate your business yourself or hire an experienced Edmonton corporate lawyer to guide you through all of the legal options available to you.

You’ve already come so far on your own. Why not simply search online forums for tips and simply walk into a corporate registry. Is this enough?

While it is certainly possible to put some of the pieces of the puzzle together while “figuring it out”, sometimes it’s a good idea to get help from those that know of all of the puzzle pieces you might not know about.

When incorporating your business with Juriscorp Law, a lot of careful planning and implementation takes place to ensure your dream business has the right corporate legal structure. It is always in your best interests to weigh and balance the initial legal investment of incorporating with experienced guidance to avoiding costly pitfalls due to the complexity of risky ownership structures that may affect you as your business grows. There is no one-size-fits-all solution – especially when advice is found on internet forums or Wikipedia articles.

At Juriscorp Law, your dream is our dream and we are here to help you launch your business with the best foot forward.

We are happy to help you navigate the paperwork that comes with setting up the business and Incorporating a new company by assisting you with the incorporation and post-incorporation matters both provincially and federally. We ensure your company is set up properly and tailor-made to you and your company’s needs.

Contact Juriscorp Law today and let us take care of your legal needs so you can focus on growing a successful business!


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