Negotiating better commercial leases for startups

So you’re finally ready to move into to a dedicated real-world location for your growing startup. Nice! But missing that one crucial detail that changes everything is not something you want to find out after you sign a lease. With money on the line, not to mention the investment in location, it pays to ensure [...]

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Legal Obligations of Registering a Business in Alberta

Congratulations! You’re going for it. Soon you will be your own boss. Once you have researched and perfected your business plan, you are ready to make your new business official. The first step is to register or incorporate your business. We have listed the complete process from start to finish for your convenience. So, let’s [...]

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Six Things to Consider when Signing a Commercial Lease

Often small business owners or those looking to start a small business will lease commercial property on which to run their business. Commercial property leases are legally binding contracts between tenants and landlords that allow the tenant to use the property to run a business for a set time period. […]

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The Legalities of Buying a Franchise

Like any business venture or major purchase, buying a franchise can be a bit confusing with the technical and legal jargon thrown around. If you have never bought into one before, you may not know about the legal obligations it entails. We are here to tell you what you need to know and what you [...]

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Want to Buy a Franchise? Here are 6 Things You Should Consider

With the increasing use of technology in industries, midlevel employees are slowly being replaced with computers. With this reality, many middle-aged people are looking for a second chance at their careers, a “do over” if you will. What’s attracting several of these individuals is the prospect of owning a well-known franchise. […]

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Need to Know Facts About Dentistry Non-Compete Clauses

Non-compete clauses are common in contractual employment agreements no matter the industry. Dentistry is no exception. If you are selling your practice or leaving another dentist’s practice, you may be required to sign a non-compete clause. […]

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Corporate Dentistry: An Alternative to Individually-Owned Practices

Corporate dentistry is a competitor of private dental practices. Often serving hundreds of patients, dental service organizations have several practices in different locations that operate under the same brand. Compared to private practices, they allow dentists to focus more on treating patients. Your Corporate Dentistry Questions Answered Corporate dentistry is a growing trend where a [...]

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Incorporating Your Business

Incorporating Your Business: What are the Benefits? If growing your business is a top priority for yourself or your partners, incorporating is an option to help you achieve that objective. Selecting the best form of incorporation will help your business increase its opportunity for financial and operational success. When a business incorporates, it is defining [...]

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