Role of a Real Estate lawyer while purchasing or selling a residential property In Alberta

We are often asked “What is a role of a lawyer while buying a home?” or “Do we need a real estate lawyer for completing the closing of our sale?”

The first thing to know is that these are great questions. Why? Because this shows that the buyer or seller is aware that lawyers are an integral part of the real estate process. Buyers or sellers who are not aware of this only realize this too late when issues arise. And the next part is redefining these questions into what we believe is the key question to ask:

“What value does a real estate lawyer provide?”

Unlike what some may believe lawyers just file documents, we believe the real value in having a lawyer on our side during the buying and selling process is TRUST.

  • Trust knowing that terms and conditions stipulated under the purchase and sale contract are reviewed properly
  • Trust knowing you are receiving expert advice pertaining to favourable conditions such as financing, home inspection and all other due diligence matters
  • Trust knowing legal searches are conducted for matters related to title, property taxes, survey plans, compliance issues
  • Trust knowing all preparation of necessary legal documents for mortgage and land registry are handled for you
  • Trust ensuring the transaction is completed within necessary timelines by avoiding any complications or interest penalties due to delay in closing
  • Trust knowing you are receiving expert help for you and your clients.

At Juriscorp Law, we believe in taking a team approach and work with your realtor and mortgage advisor in order to ensure that your transaction is handled in an efficient and seamless manner.

If you have a question about buying or selling your home or need help understanding your real estate legal rights, give us a call. Our experienced team can help you navigate through all of your legal questions.

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